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dark_intellect's Journal

Hermione Granger
19 September
(( Took the idea of red_riddle))

Name: Hermione Granger
Birth date: September 19, 1982
Living place: England, Hogwarts of course
Occupation: 6th Year Student
Physical Appearance: Hermione is a beautiful blooming young women who really came into her looks fifth year. Although her hair is still a bit poofy it looks nice on her. She has a few freckles lightly scattered across her nose and peircing brown eyes.
Special Relations to Other Characters: Harry POtter and Ron Weasly will always be her number 1 boys!
Biography: Hermione has always known she was destined to be greater then other muggls and then it all made since when she got her Hogwarts letter. At first whens he came to Hogwarts she felt she needede to prove that she was a muggle born that could keep up in the wizarding world. Eventually she let loose a bit and became best friend with Ron and Harry.
Other: her wand is 9 inches, The wood is assh and the core is Dragon Heartstring. It is nice and swishy ,this wand you are sure to put your ideas to work, for you show lots of effort!