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08:08pm 12/04/2003
mood: lonely
Hello.. Boring Saturday night in the castle eh? Where is everyone any way? Well I found this survey and decided I would fill it out. I suggest the whole lot of you fill it out so we can see what people think!

Which Hogwarts Student

1, Do you consider to be your best friend? Harry and Ron! They are such amazing people they can always make me laugh and smile!

2. Would you like to date? Umm.. Well, this is a hard one.. Who
would want to date me?

3. Would you like to make out with? Well now that is kind of personal. :: PRIVATE::Draco...

4.Who would you like to be-friend? Well I have I guess already befriended him.. Or at least Am trying.

5.Who would you like to dance with? I would love to dance with Viktor again. He was a brilliant dancer.

6.Who would you like to murder? Me? Murder? I think not.

7.Get drunk with? I think Ginny would be fun to get drunk with and of course Harry and Ron.

8.Cuddle with? Ron is a good cuddler when I'm sad.

9.Play Quidditch with? Well first I have to learn how to play quidditch!

10. Laugh with? Everyone.

11.Have sex with? Well I really haven't thought about that! PRIVATE:: Draco, or maybe Professor Weasly::

12. Study with? Draco happens to be a good study partner. Harry, Ron, and Ginny are also good!

13. Sneak out with? Ron, Harry, Draco, Ginny.

14. Make out with outside on a warm night on a blanket under the starts? Honestly do you think I think about things like this?!?! PRIVATE:: Draco, again PRIVATE::

15. Finally, who do you hate? I am very upset with Flint ans Montague.
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08:53pm 10/04/2003
  Sorry I haven't been around much the past few days I have been feeling a wee bit ill. There is weird stuff going on at Hogwarts! Well, weirder then usual that is. First of all, there's a bunch of people who want to shag professor Weasly. Draco has a split personality and that Marcus Flint seems to be breaking poor George's heart....

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08:53pm 10/04/2003
  Sorry I haven't been around much the past few days I have been feeling a wee bit ill. There is weird stuff going on at Hogwarts! Well, weirder then usual that is. First of all, there's a bunch of people who want to shag professor Weasly. Draco has a split personality and that Marcus Flint seems to be breaking poor George's heart....

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I do wish Things could be different   
09:17pm 02/04/2003
mood: curious
Wow, I tell you some people can really get to me! I try to not let them. I try and stay strong but some of the things they say are just so ridiculous! I won't mention NAMES though.. I just wish this certain someone had a heart! It's hopeless.

I haven't seen Ron or Harry fro a while. I am getting kind of worried about them... It feels weird. It seems like I have been in my own little world latley. Oh well, I'm sure things will change soon..

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06:04pm 01/04/2003
  ((Hey everyone, I got bored and decided to make an icon. Me and my mum think Emma sort of resembles Mena.. Anyone like the icon? SHould I continue to use it? Lemme know. :)

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Feels Fresh!   
03:36pm 31/03/2003
mood: awake
Well it feels good to be posting.. Seems like it has been so long and so much has changed. I look forward to final exams. I started studying today. I am gonna see if Ron and Harry might like to start studying soon. I k now exams are a ways a way but if you do a little bit of studying each night then you won't be studying for hours and hours the week before final exams start. So the offer is open to anyone who would like to get some studying sone.. Not just Ron and Harry.

In other news, I got a letter and "gift" from my mom today. Here's what it said.

Dear Hermey,

How are things going sweetie? Your father and I were thrilled to hear you got 103% on that charms test. What exactly is charms? Are they lucky or what? Sorry, I just wish you would tell us more about your school. Have you met any boys yet? Oh sweetie, I know you don't like me asking about boys but I would love for you to bring a nice gentelmen home sometimes. What about this Harry Potter? Mr. and Mrs. Weasly tell me he is a charming young man. Well sweetie. Please use this gift 3 times a day! We love you so much and keep up the good work.
Your Mother

:: Enclosed is a Sonic Electric toothbrush::

So that's about it. Please if anyone would like to hang out or so anything just let me know!
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07:56pm 12/03/2003
mood: contemplative
Today at lunch I stayed in the Charms room. I just don't feel like facing the worl much latley.. I sit in the front of the room and ocasionally glance back to look at him then turn away quickly.. I miss him.

I have been looking through so many spell books to find spells to bring back a lost love. I will break the rules if I have to.. Ron and I are meant to be... I will go to great lengths to make sure we are together in the end...PRIVATE::

I have been thinking a lot latley about Sirius.. I'm sure everyone has. I just don' want to believe it and I can't.. He HAD to escape.. I keep tyelling myself he didn't get the kiss. Am I a fool to believe?

I feel alone. mY two best friends are so far away from me. I haven't even spoken to Harry.

Anyone wanna share some drinks? I need to take my mind off all this chaos.
08:24pm 09/03/2003
  Why is everything so terrible... PLEASE someone give me some information on Sirius. I pray to Merlin that he found a way to avoid the kiss.. I can't possibly think about him actually receiving it!

I miss someone.. I miss his touch, his voice, his kiss, his smell, I miss being his girl. I miss him being my guy. I miss how we could laugh together but also have so much passion. He is everything to me. No matter how hard I try I can't hate him. I love him. He is all I want. He is my star, moon, sun. Without him there is no reason to live. He is air. I need him to survive... I love him so much. Why does he always stray away from me and into the arms of others. Am I not goos enough? Sometimes I wish I had never fallen in love with him.. It hurts to much..
It's alive.... Or is it?   
08:22pm 09/03/2003
  OOC---- OK I have to say this.. I miss the days when our little community was just bursting with posts.. We can't let it die. I admit I haven't posted much in the past few months but let's bring our community back to life and all try to post more often. :) Muah!

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Images of Hermione's pupitere   
09:53am 22/02/2003

Hey everyone, I just wanted to post and say that I have pictures posted of myself in my real journal the username is CelticElf Just in case anyone wants to see who plays Hermione. :) Cheers!
Has everyone gone mad?!   
06:55pm 21/02/2003
  Isn't it funny how some people can claim to love you so much and then also love another in the same way... Another who they are related to! Sorry I haven't updated in a while I have been busy finding out dreadful information.. Lucky me.. " Love Conquers all" My arse! Love is a word some people toss around way too much! I feel so much anger and yet so much sorrow... I need... A.... solution to this.  
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08:37pm 21/01/2003
  Something is going on around here... Something deffinitley NOT ok..I'm worried. No body is ever posting anymore I just wonder the halls of Hogwarts and see things that disturb me. Today I saw Ron brush up against Ginny.. Wonder what that was all about.. I never see Harry, Blaise, or even Pansy around. This is just to strange. Everyone is in there own world. I'm so confused right now.  
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08:24pm 08/01/2003

Ok I don't know how to put a link in here. But I got a new Livejournal.. If anyone is ever bored and feels like reading it or commenting so I have something to do. Please go to it..The livejournal is:

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10:10pm 02/01/2003
mood: sick
Hogwarts desperately needs some excitement, honestly now.. The ball has been delayed for gods knows how long. Harry, Draco, and Blaise are off in Japan having a brilliant time and here the rest of us just sit... Well I don't really know what everyone else is up to but I'm sure not up to much I can tell you that...
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11:09pm 30/12/2002
mood: sick
Help, help, help???? Harry is one of my best friends, along with Ron of course. How could I even begin to think ill of him? I still have a week off. Time to, oh think things out. I began thinking terrible things after the discussion with Harry and Draco... Why must I think such thoughts? I could never hurt Harry... I don't want to at least. Draco is not THAT important. I am in love with Ron.. Ron is everything to me he is the moon, stars, sky, sun... Without Ron I would be nothing.. Without Harry, I would be nothing.... I just have to stop thinking about Draco. I need to get him out of my bloody mind before I go mad! I still feel darkness though, lurking deep down inside of me.. Just waiting to escape. I can't let it happen. //PRIVATE//

Ron- I miss you love.
Harry, Blaise, Draco- How's Japan?
//PRIVATE// I feel lonely.. I am getting sick of the loneliness. my two best friends.. The ones I always go to are well.. One is in Japan, most likely hating me. He'll get what's coming though! SEE! Ah! I don't want to think like that I love Harry! And the other my Ron... Never see him anymore. //PRIVATE//

Anyone wanna hang out?
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07:00pm 26/12/2002
  They do not see the trouble that lies ahead... Love can make us do crazy things......  
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05:34pm 26/12/2002
  RON'S GIFTCollapse )  
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05:25pm 26/12/2002
mood: drained
I want to thank everyone for all the wonderful gifts I got. They were great.

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02:43pm 24/12/2002
  Owl to HarryCollapse )  
11:33am 24/12/2002
mood: curious
I have a bad feeling... Something is not right around here. Please everyone, be very careful about everything.. I am worried.

PRIVATE:: I'm SO scared... On another note I miss Rn but I want to feel Draco in me. I want to caress his soft salty sweet warm skin with my soft lips. I want to taste every inch of him. WOULD it KILL Him to just NOTICE that fact That I am FALLIng IN fucking LOVE with him! What is happening to me.. Maybe if I go be " Intimate" With Ron it will change things... PRIVATE::

I'm going to the library I think I just got an idea!